Who We Are

ID&T GmbH has over 30 years of experience in optoelectronics, robotics and industrial automation. Our company has worked and continues to work with some of the most important research institutes (such as the National Research Council and CERN) and the university (NR-Neuchatel and Zurich THW-Kt). This experience has enabled us to become a leader in high-tech and laser applications in various fields such as military, medical, scientific, and industrial robotics and aerospace industries. The use of these advanced technologies in the fields of electronics and mechanics, leads to the creation of high-quality products even for the simplest applications, thereby enabling to offer unique guarantees on all our products. The quality is also guaranteed by the careful selection of our suppliers, as well as the high technical skills that we demand from our staff.

The different and often highly personalized requirements of our clients mean that our products are no longer standard, but customized to suit individual needs. The more than one decades-long presence on the market and the quality of our products has given us the opportunity to develop and retain relationships with customers all over the world. We are pleased that our customers consider us not only a supplier but a partner who listens to their needs and provides them with all the attention and the skills necessary for the realization of their projects. A willingness to understand and meet the demands of our customers and the success of many years, makes us a very reliable partner for those companies that want to stand out in their industry, choosing with confidence ID & T products.