Laser with Dot Optics: Dot lasers are used to point work fields, or to highlight alignment points or positions. They show a point where a tool will start working on different surfaces, or they define the position of a certain part of the tool.

Laser with Line Optics and for Cutting Alignment: Laser with line optics and for cutting alignment are mainly used in work situations where,, with cutting machines, a fast and precise positioning of the tools allow to reduce waste material and to also reduce setting times. The length, the thickness and the light intensity can be customized as needed in relation to the kind of material and manufacturing requirements. In this case is truly the light intensity, with an high precision of the beam, that allows this lasers to be used also where natural or artificial light is very strong.

Laser with Cross Optics: I laser a croce mostrano i punti di lavoro o gli angoli retti e segnalano il punto dove un utensile inizia a lavorare oppure proiettano un angolo per allineare il materiale in due direzioni. Cross Optics Lasers highlight work fields or 90° angle, and also highlight the point where the tools will start working or project an angle for double directions alignment of the material.

Alignment and Positioning Laser: Laser built to generate lines or angles for alignment and positioning. They project lines where the material has to be cut, bent, glued, weld or just positioned.

Vision Structured Laser: Laser Modules with uniform emissions built for multiple applications in artificial vision: is a technique for projecting patterns on an object. The deformation of these patterns when they hit a surface of an object, allows the vision systems to calculate the dimensional information of the objects. They are ideal for monitoring and for quality control with high precision at high speeds, or even for 3D measurements.

Special Optics Laser: Our modules can be equipped with special optics that opens a wide range of possibility, including applications in biotechnology, printing, material manufacturing, survey, contactless tests and optic metrology.

OEM Laser Solutions: Original Equipment Manufacturer We are able to develop with you laser system specifically designed for your needs. This type of solutions will be defined and build as you need: unique products that can become your point of strength.